Mathopd is a very small, yet very fast HTTP server for UN*X systems.

Mathopd supports useful features of HTTP/1.1, such as persistent connections, partial responses and pipelining. It does not support things like content negotation. The software also supports CGI/1.1.

Mathopd was designed specifically to run as a single process, and to never grow in size. When this software was first written (early 1996) this is something that other HTTP servers were not very good at.

The sources for the stable and development versions of Mathopd can be downloaded here.

Note that development on Mathopd has halted. I do not foresee any new releases in the future. There is a beta version but at the moment I don't have any means to test this out in the real world, other than through this website. Also Mathopd has fallen behind with recent trends in web server software (TLS, HTTP/2 etc.) If you want any of that you're much better off using something else.

Michiel at
22 december 2018